Views on benefit cuts taken on board

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Ilkeston folk have been interviewed by the Trade Union Congress as part of a campaign about austerity that will be presented to Parliament.

The campaign has seen an ‘austerity bus’ travel across the country to areas which have been most affected by Government benefit cuts. On Monday it made three stops in Ilkeston, including at the Sure Start Centre in Cotmanhay.

Amongst the people being asked questions about how they manage living on benefits was Amanda Evans, 31, from Cotmanhay. Her and partner David Cherry have three children and said they are having to cut down on food, and are unable to pay the bills and rent because they have had their income support cut. It could now be up to a year before they are entitled to claim the money again which worked out at more than £200 every two weeks.

Amanda said: “Without a centre like this we would have been lost.”

Her partner David said: “I didn’t ask for this country to get into debt. The Government’s debt is not my problem.”

Rachel Ryan from Cotmanhay, has four children, two of which have disabilities meaning she and her partner acts as full-time careers. She said: “We used to go on trips but are now limited to where we go. We do struggle.”