Village gets fast internet

Ultrafast broadband is now available in Mapperley thanks to Virgin Media doubling its customers’ internet speed.

Residents in the Derbyshire village are the latest people to benefit from a nationwide initiative that will see Virgin Media increase the connections of over four million cable customers at no extra cost.

The company is also boosting its top speed to 120Mb, confirming its position as the fastest widely-available broadband provider in the UK. At this speed, downloading a music album could take just 4.4 seconds.

Jon James, executive director of broadband at Virgin Media, said: “Virgin Media has driven the development of faster broadband in the UK and we’re delighted to be boosting our customers’ speeds in Mapperley once again.

“Following our Double Speeds programme, all our customers will be superfast as standard and ready to make the most of all the incredible digital entertainment services that exist now and will in the future.”

Customers can check to see when their speeds will be doubled through the Bolt-o-meter at