Village park is very popular


In response to the letter in the Advertiser (March 29) regarding Mr Terry Hall on the park in Stanley Village. I have lived in Stanley now for over 20 years and I have three boys who have all used the park, and still do go along with their friends.

I back onto the park and can see it from my window; I think the only time the park is not used is through the night. The park has nearly always got children on it. I work at Stanley Village Pre-School which is right beside it and we use it most days. The children love it.

I feel that Mr Terry Hall has put in against most things that we have put forward over the years, for example, a skate park and now the talk of a trim trail.

The physical equipment outside the park is also used by all ages. We also have the football on a Sunday and the children that come along with their parents also use the park and equipment.

And as for Mr Terry Hall asking the Stanley residents about the use of the park, I live just a few doors down from him and he has never approached me about anything.

D. Bennett