Vision and a public meeting are vital

In my opinion, there have been three major, avoidable decisions that have adversely affected Ilkeston over the last 25 years ago.

These are the disastrous relief road that cut the town in half, then buses not being allowed to use Bath Street because of pedestrianisation and then allowing Tesco to move from its previous site to a large store on Rutland Street.

The latest major decision which, in my opinion, over the next five years will kill off the Co-op food hall, would be the building of a Morrisons store.

Ilkeston, more than ever, needs councillors with vision.

They must work together. The town’s future is at a critical stage.

Can the councillors persuade Armstrong’s Mill to relocate into the Co-op building? Could they also launch a Monday or Tuesday when they allow buses onto Bath Street?

These suggestions on their own won’t solve the problems. But they will help to stop the rot?

Perhaps a public meeting is needed where people can air their views?

Danny Corns,

Trowell Grove,