‘Vital’ bus service is under threat

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People could be forced to give up their jobs and others will be left stranded if a ‘vital’ bus route is not taken over according to passengers.

John Disney said that residents of Stanley and West Hallam will be left with no way of getting home from Derby in the evenings or on Sundays if the Notts and Derby Buses number 11 route is cancelled.

The company will finish running the route on December 1.

Mr Disney said: “This will have a very big impact on some people’s lives.

“A lot of people rely on the service to get them back from work, those people will be forced to give up their jobs.

“Most of them are in low paid jobs and can’t afford to pay £14 for a taxi so they will be left with no choice.”

A spokesman at Notts and Derby Buses told the Advertiser that the route had been put out to tender as it is no longer ‘commercially viable’ for the firm.

Mike Hotter, uses the bus every Friday and Saturday night. He told the Advertiser: “People will be stranded in Derby in the evenings and Sundays as well.

“It will completely cut off West Hallam.

“It’s not a packed service but it is a used service and people rely on it.

“People use it for going to night time matches at Pride Park and I always see the lads that play cricket waiting to catch it as well.

“There isn’t any other option, a taxi is too expensive.”

Residents are now urging the county council to step in and save the service.

A spokesman for Derbyshire County Council said: “This is a commercial service and the decision to make changes is down to the operator, Notts and Derby.

“However, we recognise that this will leave some people without alternative public transport on Sundays and evenings and that’s why we’re looking at ways to help travellers affected.”