Ward closure will be big loss for town

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Surely the closure of the ward at our hospital has got to be reconsidered. The hospital is the core of our community.

It is going to be such a loss to each and everyone of us, the excellent care that is given not only to patients but to relatives also is so valuable. Maybe, as myself, you just don’t realise until you have been in the unfortunate position to need it as to how valuable it is.

It is particularly the palliative care that concerns me. As much as we want to care for our loved ones at home it is sometimes both physically and mentally impossible to do and whilst getting help and support at home is wonderful it sometimes still isn’t enough. I am sadly speaking from experience. I cared for my mum at home for as long as I could and then she went into our wonderful hospital to be cared for. I feel very privileged for my mum and all of my family to have been lucky enough to have received this care and find it very disturbing that our hospital will maybe not be able to offer this care to many other people of Ilkeston in the future.

Cheryl Pierrepont Mitchell

Heanor Road