Warning over illegal vodka

SHOPPERS and traders in Ilkeston have been warned about an illegal vodka, which causes eye, breathing and skin problems, hitting shelves across the country.

Although none of the illicit 70cl bottles of Drop Vodka have been found in the county so far, Derbyshire County Council’s trading standards have warned residents to steer clear.

Sales have spread across the UK and Wales to places including Scunthorpe, Leeds and Wakefield, prompting a national warning from the Food Standards Agency.

Confiscated bottles have been found to contain Propan-2-ol which can cause eye irritation, respiratory problems and skin rashes.

They also contain just 28.6 per cent alcohol when the legal level for a product to be called vodka is 37.5 per cent.

Report sightings of Drop Vodka on 01629 536166.