Warning over jumping in rivers

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A couple whose son died after swimming in Swan Lake at Kirk Hallam are warning of the dangers of swimming in quarries, lakes and rivers.

Carol and Don Bryan, of Sharp Close, lost their son Alan 23 years ago when he decided to cool off in the water. He was 22 at the time and Friday (August 2) marks the anniversary of his death. As the temperatures remain high they want to get a message out to try and warn young people about the dangers.

Carol said: “Everyone knows it’s hot and want to cool down but quarries and rivers are not the way to do it. A lot of young people have died in different places. There is a lot of water in the area and people should be careful.

“Your children go off as teenagers, young adults and you can’t be with them 24/7. There are plenty of facilities for them to use that are safe facilities.”

It was the shock of the cold water that killed Alan.

The warning comes as a number of incidents have been reported nationally, including the death of two girls in Tyne and Wear when one youngster had jumped in to try and save her friend. In the same week the body of man in his 20s was pulled from Thirlmere Reservoir in Keswick, Cumbria,

Carol added: “It brings it all back. We still lay flowers at swan lake every anniversary.”

Inspector Nick Daines from Ilkeston Police has highlighted the dangers of swimming in rivers, lakes and quarries such as the Erewash Canal. He said: “It is easy to understand how tempting it is to take a cooling dip on a hot day, especially for children, but it is fraught with dangers.

“I would ask all parents to emphasise the risks to their children, and ensure you know where they are whilst they are out.

“Delivering a message that a loved one had died is one of the most difficult tasks an officer has to perform, especially so if it’s a child.”