Warning over TV reception

Ilkeston viewers are being warned their TV reception could be dirupted by a new mobile phone service.

Freeview TV users could be affected as mobile phone operators launch 4G at 800Mhz across Erewash.

The system is set to provide internet users with faster wireless broadband.

An Erewash Borough Council spokesman said: “As the new 4G uses a similar frequency to Freeview TV, there is a slim possibility this could interfere with residents’ TV reception if they currently watch Freeview through their TV aerial.”

Residents who use BT Vision, Top Up TV or YouView to provide their Freeview service, or those who use cable or satellite TV services, should not be affected.

Let’s Be Clear at800, who is managing the new installation, is writing to households, social housing providers, schools and businesses to warn residents of the potential disruption.

Households whose reception is affected should call 0333 31 31 800.

Let’s be Clear at800 will then fix the issue free of charge by providing and fitting a filter to the TV aerial. Find out more at www.at800.tv/