Waterside’s ray of hope


I was deeply disappointed to read Danny Corns’ letter criticising the Stanton Waterside concept in last week’s Advertiser.

Danny is a well-respected member of the local community and someone who usually champions anything that would benefit the people of Erewash.

I’m afraid that virtually every single fact he mentions regarding the idea is wrong.

This is particularly unhelpful as the presentation by Dr Geraint Coles hosted by Green Squeeze at the end of last month was specifically intended to prevent this kind of misinformation circulating. Clearly Danny did not attend.

The Stanton Waterside concept has been proposed as an alternative to yet another off-the-shelf characterless housing estate that will do nothing to bring jobs or prosperity to the local economy. A similar project in Chesterfield will create over 1,000 new jobs and each year generate several million pounds for local businesses; numbers that we could well do with replicating here in Erewash.

The Stanton project would not comprise of ‘grandiose housing’ that no one can afford. In fact Dr Coles went to some lengths to explain that many of the properties in prime spots at the centre of the development could be one and two bedroom starter homes. After all, just because young people are starting out on the property ladder shouldn’t mean their aspirations be limited to a drab, featureless housing estate.

The Stanton site is brownfield and needs developing. It is also the last major site capable of providing a large scale commercial opportunity for Erewash. Blow this site solely on houses and you can kiss goodbye to a major opportunity to revive the borough’s economy.

Remember that only last year a well-respected credit agency reported that the East Midlands would be the last area of the country to emerge from recession with Erewash in particular taking at least ten years longer. Yes people do need affordable housing but no housing is affordable if you haven’t got a job.

Danny claims there are already numerous marinas within a short walk or drive of this area. Personally I can’t think of one that I would wish to visit.

What are close by are huge very unattractive expanses of open water overlooked by a few chemical toilets and the odd graffiti-covered bench.

This is not what Stanton Waterside is about. Erewash desperately needs a focal point for the regeneration of its economy and the recovery of its self respect. Right now Stanton Waterside is one of the few rays of hope on a very bleak horizon.

If you would like to know the true facts about Stanton Waterside, all of Geraint Coles presentation is available to watch online. To view it go to www.vimeo.com and put Stanton Waterside into the search box. T

he presentation is in two parts. Part One explains what has been achieved with a waterside development at Chesterfield. Part Two deals more specifically with Stanton.

I’d recommend watching both but if you’re short on time or enthusiasm Part Two is the best option. By all means feel free to point out shortcomings or even criticise but please, at least listen to the facts before you make up your mind.

Paul Harvey


Green Squeeze