We need government funding to restore the NHS to former glory

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The state of our NHS is really quite concerning. It seems incredible to hear that patients have remained unattended beyond a reasonable time frame.

Equally sad to hear this week that the health secretary’s reasons for this crisis is the winter season and our ageing population, both answers I thought were a weak response, given the gravity of the situation and in reality we have had a mild winter and our aging population hasn’t happened over night!

These hospitals are in need of real help, the public need responses from the government that equal solutions.

They are not taking this seriously - everyday, every minute and every second the British public are being put at risk and yet they are all playing party politics!

What is interesting is that other European countries appear to be better at providing health care.

Speaking from experience, take Spain for instance. A patient has an appointment pending for a scan and their appointed hospital is busy, so they are sent to a private hospital to avoid keeping them on waiting list.

Then the National Trust Hospital would fund the private hospital for that facility.

Spain not only appears to be more efficient, but they also appear to budget funding for new hospitals.

They have built at least three high tech hospitals in the last couple of years, within a population area of 600,00, which is less than the Derbyshire area currently standing at an estimated 750,000.

Spain’s A and E department is interesting too. I had to take a friend there and being the curious person that I am, I asked how many doctors they had working that evening and he said ten.

Of course, they also had the back up of the nurses etc and the place was a buzzing efficiency zone.

Why has Britain not planned for population growth? We plan for highways, shopping centres and sport facilities, yet health care seems to go unplanned.

Without health no one is going to enjoy shopping or the gym!

I have found the health department has recently passed funding for two new high tech hospitals - one in Liverpool the other in Cambridge both due to open 2017 and Birmingham and Glasgow have enjoyed their new hospitals which opened 2010 and 2009 respectively.

However, it really does not go far enough given that most of our hospitals are Victorian and at best built in the 1960s, which means they are draining resources in the up keep of the building where these resources could be better spent.

The other point of course is staff. We simply do not have enough people employed to facilitate demand!

Hospitals need government funding and this needs to be found fast.

So please politicians, get your heads out of the sand, find funding, get to grips with the management of these hospitals and let’s get our NHS restored to the greatness it once was!