‘We’re worried for our family’s safety’

NILA 19-06-12 BE 8 Hassock lane Shipley.
NILA 19-06-12 BE 8 Hassock lane Shipley.

A worried mum has spoken of her concerns after a car crashed through the garden of her family home, wrecking the front of the house.

Paula Jones said her eight- and 12-year-old children were asleep right above the spot where the car hit the home on Hassock Lane.

She explained: “We were all asleep and were woken up by what sounded like an earthquake.

“We rushed down and there was this car crashed into the front of the house, the children were terrified.”

The family, who have only lived in the house for seven weeks were up until 5am talking to police and clearing up the wreckage after the car careered into their home at 11.30pm one night earlier this month.

Paula said: “The car had cartwheeled through the air and at one point wasmore or less stood on the bonnet.

“I dread to think what could have happened. What if the car had smashedthe bedroom window? What if one of us was on the front putting the bins out?”

After the accident the family got chatting to neighbours and were told about other accidents that happened at the same spot.

Paula said: “What happened was already a shock but to find out that it’s not the first time was just as bad.

“To move into a house you’ve chosen and looked forward to living in and then find out about all the incidents there have been was a surprise to us.

“We want to make sure something is done to stop this happening again.

“Until action is taken we’re worried for the children and for us. Will it take someone being killed before something is done?”

Speaking to the Advertiser this week, Cllr Kevin Parkinson said highways officers at Derbyshire County Council had come up with a plan to try and make the road safer.

Their proposal, which has been backed by the police, would see the speed camera outside Shipley Garden Centre moved further down the road so it sat at the end of the straight just in front of the dangerous bend.

“We hope this would encourage people to slow down at the beginning of the bend and also catch people exceeding the speed limit travelling from Ilkeston Road,” he said.

As part of the plan, a new police-only hard-standing would be created on the opposite side of the road at the site of the existing speed camera, to allow officers to set up a mobile camera unit and ensure that people living near the garden centre will still have a speeding deterrent nearby.

The whole scheme will cost £8,000 and the county council has sent a request to Derbyshire’s Casualty Reduction Enforcement Support Team (CREST) which is responsible for speed cameras on the county’s roads to support the plan and fund the project.

Cllr Parkinson added: “I would stress this is a temporary solution because if cars continue to leave the carriageway at the bend after we move the camera, it is going to be difficult to justify the permanent positioning of a camera there but we’ve got to try it. By trying it hopefully we can rectify this problem.”