We will fight for families

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As the Labour county councillors for Ilkeston East; Ilkeston West and Ilkeston South, we would like to thank everybody who voted in the elections.

If you voted Labour we are especially grateful for the confidence you have placed in us.

We will strive to work our utmost on behalf of you and your families to make Ilkeston the very best it can be.

If you voted for candidates from other parties we would also like to thank you for taking part in the democratic process. We will work hard over the next four years to convince you that Labour’s programme for Derbyshire can make a positive difference for Ilkeston residents.

Maybe you decided not to vote at all – and in that case, it will be our mission to convince you that your voice does count and can be heard via your participation in future elections.

To everyone who lives in Ilkeston we pledge that your Labour county councillors who all live locally, are on you side and will work for you.

The direction in which Anne Western wants to take our county is positive — placing people before dogma and public services before private gain.

It is an honour to serve and it is our privilege to be your public servants in Ilkeston.

Cllrs Glennice Birkin, Michelle Booth and John Frudd,

Derbyshire County Council.