Wedding plans affected by registry office move

NILALC100809B1 - Ilkeston Town Hall
NILALC100809B1 - Ilkeston Town Hall

Bookings are down and couples are being ‘left in limbo’ as the future of the location of Ilkeston Registry Office remains undecided.

The number of couples booking their wedding at the Lord Haddon Road venue is down for the autumn after a plan to move the service to Ilkeston’s Town Hall was announced earlier this year.

Staff at the registry office have told the Advertiser that people looking to get married there are being put off because of the uncertainty.

Angela Garlick, deputy super intendent registrar, said: “Not knowing whether their wedding will take place here or at the Town Hall has led to a drop in the number of ceremonies booked this autumn.

“People want to have their invitations printed and they can’t, they want to know where their photographs will be taken.

“It’s their big day and they want to be able to plan it as they want it.”

The move was all but decided until the Erewash Labour Group raised concerns about security and disabled access.

They also say that the move will see all civic functions moved to Long Eaton.

Cllr Frank Phillips said: “The Mayor’s Parlour is yet another thing to add to Ilkeston’s list of closed for business.

“It seems that we are selling off the town’s history to the lowest bidder.”

But Conservative Cllr Carol Hart blames party politics.

She said: “As far as I was aware the move was s going ahead until there was a change in administration.

“Couples are being left in limbo and can’t plan one of the most important days of their lives because of the uncertainty.”

A spokesman for Derbyshire County Council said: “We are still considering all of the options for Ilkeston Registry Office. A report has been drafted and will be discussed by councillors next month.”