Weight loss class for ‘real women’

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An entrepreneur who runs exercise sessions for ‘real women’ is looking to expand after launching 15 different classes in just nine months.

When nurse Sarah Whitehead launched Booticamp Babes in July 2012, she started with just 48 members, which has soared to more than 130.

Membership is continuing to grow on a weekly basis, so much so that Sarah is looking to expand to several locations, including Long Eaton in the next six months. And to celebrate their achievements some of the members arranged a photoshoot in the style of the Dove’s Real Women campaign so that the ladies could show off what they have achieved.

Sarah, 34, said: “It’s been phenomenal. As women we are regularly bombarded with images of celebrities after they have given birth and snapped back into shape or have lost a stone in a week.

“As real women with jobs, businesses, families and social lives we know that this is not easily achieved and that the only way to get and maintain results is to put time and effort into changing bad habits.

“Lots of women would like to look good naked and feel proud of their bodies, but many fail to take action fearing failure or lacking belief that they can change. We wanted to demonstrate to the real women of Derbyshire that it can be done by re-creating the Dove ‘Real Women’ advert to showcase what we have achieved.

“We want to help to empower Derbyshire women to feel good about themselves and their bodies and increase their confidence.”

Sarah said that some of her members are involved in shaping a community strategy to fight obesity and felt that her classes could help reduce the problem locally.

“We wanted to get the message out there to more women to help them and to show them there is a different choice and they can make a difference to their lives,” she added.

“Myself and six of our ladies have followed a clean eating programme and exercised at the boot camps three to four times per week to achieve our results. We have lost a combined 143lbs and 121 inches.”

Dove’s campaign started a global conversation about the need for a wider definition of beauty after the study proved ‘the definition of beauty had become limiting and unattainable.’

Among the study’s findings was the statistic that only two per cent of women around the world would describe themselves as beautiful.

Sarah continued: “All of the ladies who took part in the photoshoot were originally unhappy with their bodies and found themselves lacking confidence. We all set ourselves a long term goal of wanting to lose weight and keep it off and look and feel good naked.”

Booticamp runs classes at the Whitemoor Centre in Belper as well as Long Eaton, Derby and two classes in Ripley.