Were unexplained lights in the sky a UFO?


Unexplained flashes and darting lights have been spotted over parts of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire — sparking questions over the mysterious UFOs.

The strange lights were spotted over local areas including Smalley and darted across the sky in the direction of Eastwood and Kimberley last weekend.

A woman in her 30s from Smalley said she saw the lights at approximately 9.45pm.

“My son came running in after seeing the flashes and after watching for a few seconds we noticed more than one oval-shaped lights darting around the sky.”

She added: “It was if someone was shining a laser pen, which is impossible. We went outside for a closer look and the lights just stayed, moving around in circles and then stopping as though they were hovering.

“My son suggested they were alien ships. He is young and it sounds absurd. But the movement was so unnatural.”

The sighting comes almost one year after we revealed a witness statement, published by the Ministry of Defence, which suggested a resident of Smalley had seen a yellow ball in the sky in April 2009.

A similar sighting of the mystery lights was also confirmed by residents in Shipley and Eastwood who came to the ‘Tiser via social media asking if any further sightings had been witnessed by readers.

Have you witnessed unexplained lights or flying objects in the sky? If so, comment below and let us know.