West Hallam couple celebrate 60 years of marriage

Ronald and Hazel Trueman
Ronald and Hazel Trueman
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West Hallam sweethearts Ronald and Hazel Trueman celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary on January 14.

The Hallcroft School sweethearts married just two days after Hazel’s 21st birthday - the age of consent in 1956 - after a long courtship.

Ronald and Hazel Trueman

Ronald and Hazel Trueman

To have married before then would have required her father, Frank’s consent and whilst he wholeheartedly approved of the marriage, he wanted the decision to marry to be Hazel and Ron’s rather than his own. They clearly made the right decision because they have been inseparable ever since, more so since they retired.

The preparations for the wedding included a visit to a Charnos fashion show where Hazel saw the dress of her dreams.

Her beautiful lace gown and those of her bridesmaid sisters Joan and Freda were purchased from Castledine’s shop at the bottom of Heanor Road where they adorned the windows after the show.

Ron and Hazel have lived all of their married life in West Hallam.

They enjoyed an early celebration over Christmas with Linda and Susan their daughters and their families.

Standing to address the 16-strong family table after lunch, the happy couple expressed their delight to have experienced such a long and happy marriage and how lucky they felt to be blessed with seven grandchildren: Sarah-Jane, Simeon, Nicole, Saskia, Victor, George and Erica.