‘What if speeding drivers hit a child?’

NILA 13-10-12 BE 2 Residents Shipley view estate are worried about speeding cars.
NILA 13-10-12 BE 2 Residents Shipley view estate are worried about speeding cars.
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Speeding motorists have killed several cats and raised concerns amongst residents that a child will be next if action is not taken.

Mum of one Joanna Ward, who lives on the Shipley View estate, contacted the Advertiser last week after witnessing a driver reach speeds of what she described as ‘up to 60mph’ on the estate’s streets.

She said: “Drivers are using our roads as a race track and it’s got to stop.

“It’s at all times of the day and night, I’ve seen people speeding along when there are parents picking up from nursery. It’s just so dangerous.”

Several cats have been killed on the area’s roads and residents believe that the speeding drivers are to blame.

Joanna added: “I was walking home one night and saw something in the middle of the road, when I got nearer I saw it was a dead cat. I knocked on the nearest door and ended up telling the owner that their pet of 15 years had been killed.”

The local residents group has been in touch with ward councillor for the area, Cllr Val Custance, who plans to ask the County Council if any action can be taken.

She said: “I live on Summerfields Way and I know exactly why people are worried.

“Drivers go far too fast on the estate’s roads and there is nothing to slow them down.

“It’s very worrying, it could be a cat today but a child tomorrow.”

Residents Association chairman, Ron Sweetland, added: “The problem of speeding vehicles is a long standing one, the residents association will have been active for 16 years in December and this problem has been raised at meetings numerous times over that period.

“I share the concerns of residents but it would seem that the only answer is to somehow getthe message over to those that do speed, that it is very dangerous in a residential community.”

People have also raised the issue with beat bobby Pcso Robert Webb.

He told the Advertiser: “A resident of Shipley View has raised concerns to me about the speed of vehicles travelling on the estate and I will be working closely to address this issue.

“As part of my patrols I regularly conduct speed checks in the area and residents are welcome to come along and take part in these, the residents can see the true speed of vehicles and where this is in excess of a set limit the drivers of offending vehicles will be stopped and dealt with.”