What is going on at park?


As I take one of my usual rambles around Shipley Park, I’m astonished to see the road leading to Nottingham Lodge from the tea rooms has been surfaced with tarmac.

Having just about wrecked my car driving through the pot-holed roads of Marlpool to get to the visitor centre car park, I have to ask myself who on earth has moved into the lodge?

Not only has the lodge itself had tens of thousands of pounds spent on it at the tax payers’ expense, now the quarter of a mile limestone road, that was in keeping with it’s surroundings and perfectly adequate, has been covered with inches of pristine tarmac.

Could it be that some Royal personage has taken up residency, or some A-list celebrity?

It must be someone of great importance to justify all that money in these times of austerity.

A lover of Shipley Park