What the readers think about loss of town-centre McDonald’s

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Within minutes of the ‘Tiser posting news of the McDonald’s closure on its website and Facebook page, readers began posting their thoughts on the impact it would have...

Here are just some of the comments we received.

“Let’s just knock down Bath Street now then shall we? It’s a pointless place anyway.”

Nicx via ilkestonadvertiser.co.uk

“It was inevitable with the McDonald’s drive-through opposite Tesco nearing completion but I’m suprised it’s happened this soon. Get Burger King in there quick!”

Lee Francis via Facebook

“The council might as well close Bath Street altogether because there wont be anything left on there.”

Sharon2704 via ilkestonadvertiser.co.uk

“It will stop cars illegally using Bath Street so the council will collect less in fines. The council should redevelop the street into housing and stop building on green fields. Ilkeston hasn’t had a town centre for years.”

Mostlyautumn via ilkestonadvertiser.co.uk

“Really need to ask how a town like Long Eaton can be thriving for traders and Ilkeston is a ghost town unless u need beauty treatments or a charity shop! Maybe the council should review the charges to park your car! I don t go on Bath Street very often unless it’s to bank and nothing to go up there for and that’s a shame. McDonald’s closing on Bath St is a loss as it’s one thing people actually goes up Ilkeston for.”

Gail Tagg via Facebook.

“It’s strange that McDonalds is moving. When Derby College moved to New Lawn Road they said that the students would bring money to the town centre. I would have thought that McD’s would have been useful for them.”

Kate Newbery via Facebook

“Is nothing safe on Bath Street anymore? It once was an awesome place to go shopping with vibrant shops and people, now its full of chavs and all the shops are slowly going! Sad day indeed!”

Ian Jones via Facebook

“Not a huge fan of fast food but I don’t think it’s a wise move. We’ve seen too many shops close down in the town over the years there will be nothing left to go into Ilkeston for.”

Amabel Badder

via Facebook

“Well hopefully it will boost trade for the cafes left in town.”

Elaine Hodgson via Facebook