Where was the cash last year?


It is about time that Erewash Conservatives looked up the definition of the word hypocrisy as they fall into its parameters so often.

All of a sudden they can manage to find £100,000 to put towards a station in Ilkeston, yet, at the council meeting on October 13, Cllr Smith responded to a motion put forward by Cllr Griffiths and myself which included the sentence: “We agree to provide sufficient funds to progress the project as soon as practicable,” by telling us all that it was not the responsibility of the council to provide any funding at all.

The motion came about from the fact that an examination of the station project to date consisted of nothing more than a couple of reports. It was not even clear from these reports whether the location of the station had been decided.

There were certainly no plans anyone could point to and it appears that the borough council was leaving the progress of this project to everyone else. It was a case of going into Dragon’s Den with a blank sheet of paper.

Still, one has to be grateful that they have finally listened although as Confucius said: “There are none as deaf as those who will not listen.”

Councillor Frank Phillips

Ilkeston Central ward