Why close walk-in centre?

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Why is the walk in centre to close? It obviously has enough patients to keep open and I am sure the staff do not want the closure.

Why do they want to close down one of the two wards?

As far as I am aware both wards used to be in full use. I know local people do not want it to shut because I have seen petitions against it. I also know we are losing some very good staff because of the closure.

We are told we have an ageing population. But the pensioners are getting pushed to the bottom of the pile in every way. We are the ones who have paid into the pension schemes for our old age. It is not right that they should keep taking away our local community hospitals so that we have to travel to the major cities for clinics and small operations. A lot of people cannot readily get transport and rely on local amenities so they can be independent. Ilkeston Community Hospital provides an excellent service. I know this because I have worked for the League of Friends there for ten years on the tea bar and the patients tell us how wonderful it is, and what a good service they get.

Patients feel more relaxed in a small friendly hospital. I do not believe for a moment that they are a drain on resources compared to the bigger hospitals.

Come on Ilkeston and its councillors, get behind our hospital. Do not let the powers that be slowly close our department until they can then say we do not use it enough to keep it open. If they close it altogether what will they do – knock it down and build more homes that no one can afford any more? Who will profit from that? Certainly not the residents of Ilkeston.

Patricia Spencer

Birdcroft Lane, Ilkeston