Why did Labour not change time?


As someone who takes a great interest in your Letters Page, and of course contributes frequently, I can’t help but notice that the four letters last week about Remembrance Sunday all started with a similar sentence attacking me by name.

Normally the first couple of sentences in a reader’s letter set out the reason for writing so as to get people’s attention.

I am surprised therefore that last week they all decided to leave their points about Remembrance Sunday till later.

May I say that your letter writer Mr Seeds, a defeated Labour candidate at the last borough elections, has got the wrong end of the stick.

The debate is about the Parades and Services held on Remembrance Sundays, not those on Remembrance Day the 11th of November annually.

A Service is always held at Ilkeston at 11am on November 11th and as far as I know always will be.

Neither are we talking about next year when Remembrance Day will fall on Sunday 11 November 2012 and the Ilkeston Parade and Service will no doubt be held at 11am.

This will be everyone’s chance to see the impact on attendances that having all the major Parades and Services throughout the Borough at the same time of 11am.

If as a result of the experience gained in 2012, it is decided that future Remembrance Sunday Parades and Services in Ilkeston can be managed successfully at 11am from 2013 onwards, then I am sure this will happen.

Although opposition councillors try to make this a political argument, they kept Remembrance Sunday Parades in Ilkeston at 3pm during the many years when they were in charge.

During part of this period I remember Councillor Moloney was a lead member under Cyril Stevens and I think Councillor Phillips was also part of the then controlling Group,

I do wonder why they did not change it during those years or even during any of the other times they have been in charge since 1974.

Perhaps they will tell us.

Councillor Chris Corbett