Why Ilkeston will play home to two thirds of housing target

Two thirds of the houses needed to reach the council’s target will be built in Ilkeston.

Erewash Borough Council’s head of planning Steve Birkinshaw told people attending a design day at the Arena church, that Ilkeston has more development potential than Long Eaton and why.

He said: “There are two towns in Erewash, Long Eaton and Ilkeston.

“Long Eaton is a very highly constrained town. There’s the motorway, the Erewash valley, flood risks from the River Trent and River Erewash, greenbelt areas and built-up areas surrounding the town.

“Ilkeston has fewer constraints making it more open to urban concentration.

“There is no binding motorway or dual carriageway preventing expansion and Ilkeston currently has major redevelopment opportunities.

“The Stanton site is the most obvious but there are also areas of white land available.

“All of this means that Ilkeston has substantial potential for growth.”

Both Erewash Borough Council and Derbyshire County Council agree that urban concentration – adding to already built-up areas – is the best way to reach Erewash’s target.

Harriet Fisher, principal planner for Derbyshire County Council, said: “We see the benefits of urban concentration and see that it would suit Ilkeston.

“Most services in the town would be able to cope with the extra demand as a result of this level of development already or after expansion. “Developing areas around existing services is a much more cost effective approach and has a better effect on communities and this would be the case in this situation.”