Why refuse supermarket plan?

Derby College Field Road campus Supermarket plan
Derby College Field Road campus Supermarket plan

Are these planners the same ones who put a relief road through the middle of the town? Instead of around it. Are these the same planners who put pedestrian crossings, before, or after a roundabout on the relief road? Causing traffic to bottleneck on the roundabouts. I think these planners must live in Matlock, or on Button Moon.

People are entitled to their own opinions, and can voice these opinions through the various channels. But only if the object of the discussion effects them. The people of Ilkeston want a new, and better supermarket. This is called competition. And would allow access to residents that live more on the Kirk Hallam, Hallam Fields, Larklands, and anywhere away from the relief road side.

Of course Albion centre objects. It will be hopefully their demise. What reason is there for anyone to go shopping in this old dilapidated precinct. McDonald’s?

The shops on BathSstreet are not going to be effected by a supermarket. People go to supermarkets to buy their main food shopping. Where on Bath Street can they do this? And also how can a lot of people walk up Bath Street? Because that is the only form of access. And a lot of people can’t manage to walk up this huge gradient.

But the mythical planners don’t know this, they presumably don’t live in this town.

Also if the supermarket goes ahead a new modern college can be built in the close proximity of the town centre. I don’t think the students will want to go food shopping – more for cafes and small shops I think. Bath Street needs small little browsing shops, or better still, instead of having derelict shops convert them to apartments, flats, mews, or whatever you want to call them.

Allow more restaurants, and cafeterias and convert it to a social area.

But the planners who say no to any of this, must already live in their own perfect part of the country. But listen to local people who live in Ilkeston. Not on Button Moon.

David Charlton

Hallam Fields