Will market help regenerate Ilkeston town centre?

MDL100123B1 - Ilkeston Market Place
MDL100123B1 - Ilkeston Market Place

A new speciality Tuesday market aimed at helping to regenerate Ilkeston town centre has been given the go ahead.

The scheme was approved by Erewash Borough Council its latest council executive meeting.

It will see a shrove Tuesday market held on February 17 . If this proves to be a success it is hoped more will be held in the future.

The particulars of the market, including how many and what types of stall will be there, has yet to be revealed.

Darryl Peck said: “ Brilliant. Bring some life back to a dying town.”

A number of people in Ilkeston have made suggestions for the scheme to be a success.

Dragonflies, a business based on Bath Street, tweeted: “If we could get new/different stalls in it would be good. A little bit of variety goes a long way.

“How about a Farmers Market once a month? Mobile climbing wall, mobile skate park, something to entertain the kids,”

Others have suggested it would make more sense to hold it on a Sunday when more people are off work.

Wayne Lee Havil, from Ilkeston, said that discussions with the Co-op would be a good idea to let the market move in to there empty units. He said: “You could have a market and flea market. Six days a week and no bad weather to call it off, it’s a no brainer and will get people back into the town. “

Establishing market rights allowing a Tuesday market to be held in Ilkeston would contribute towards the council’s corporate plan priority of ‘working towards a brighter future’.

If the council does decided to introduce more regular Tuesday markets it would result on waste disposal costs.

The market was approved under section 50 of the Food Act 1984 as amended by the Food Safety Act 1990.

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