Will MP talk to us?

May I first remind our MP that on her personal page on her party site one of her campaigns clearly says: “Jessica is supporting local schools.”

Well as an active member of the Benno Action Group and a local resident, this is clearly not the case at all, when it’s quite clear that she has no interest on the thoughts of the local community wishing to confront her in a debate on the way Ormiston Trust has acted, not only to the governors of the school, but the parents of the children who attend the school.

If her political party wishes to enforce academies under Mr Gove with her support then she must be held to account on all her meetings not only with the governors but Ormiston Trust as well.

Is it that we, the 1,000 people who signed the petition are a silent voice not to be listened to, with no say on what is good for our local area?

I don’t think so. It’s time for Jessica Lee to debate this sham created by an untrustable government and multi-million pound charity going by the name Ormiston Trust.

In Jessica Lee’s Advertiser column she said: ‘If Ormiston Enterprise Academy in Cotmanhay closes, a technical college should be built in its place’, Well Jessica the community and Benno Action Group say we want the existing school to stay open.

She also says she’s contacted Lord Hill ‘to convey the strength of local feeling’. How can this be so when she won’t talk to us, the people in a debate?

Paul Brett

Duke Street