Winston switch on this month

New wind turbine near Ilkeston
New wind turbine near Ilkeston

Severn Trent’s wind turbine will start turing and generating power before the end of this month.

The turbine, named Winston by local school children, stands at the Newthorpe Sewage Treatment Works, and has sparked a mixe dreaction from local residents.

A turbine in Leicestershire which was constructed as part of the same project began turning this week.

Severn Trent’s renewable energy specialist, Jon Beeson said: “We’ve had the wettest winter on record, with strong winds too.

“The team constructing the turbines have pulled out all the stops to get them generating power as quickly as possible.

“As well as other things we hope they will protect our customers from future energy price rises.

“We understand that some people find them beautiful and some people don’t but we hope that local communities welcome the turbines as their neighbours.

“We’ve done all we can to help residents understand the the benefits they’ll bring.”