‘Winston’ the wind turbine

Children at Awsworth Primary School have named a wind turbine being built near their classroom.

The school held a competition to name the turbine, and class four pupils won with their suggestion, Winston.

Headteacher Jane Mainprize said: “Winston will become part of our community for many years to come.

“So it’s great that the children were given the opportunity to learn more about why Severn Trent Water has chosen to put one at the local sewage treatment works.”

The wind turbine at the sewage works in Halls Lane will generate about 5,000 megawatt hours of electricity – which is the equivalent to supplying the needs of around 1,500 homes a year.

The controversial 430ft wind turbine will tower above the Bennerley Viaduct and will be sited just 630m from homes in Cotmanhay and 750m from homes in Awsworth.

Nearly 90 per cent of nearby residents objected to the plan, which was narrowly approved by Broxtowe borough councillors in June 2011.