Woman left devastated after burglars raid her Ilkeston home and take everything including photos of her dead grandchildren

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A grandmother returned from holiday to find her house had been emptied by burglars - who stole ALL of her possessions including underwear, contact lenses and toilet roll.

Callous thieves also stole an iPad containing photos of her dead grandchildren.

Julie Bamford, 56, only moved back to in Ilkeston a few weeks ago from Manchester. She returned to her home on Third Avenue to find someone had smashed the panel in her back door to get in and emptied the entire house.

She said: “They stripped the wardrobe of every bit of clothing, every towel and the food out of the cupboards. You name it, they’ve taken it. They have taken my life. Even the police said they had never come across a burglary like this. It’s just soul destroying that someone can take your life.”

Items taken included the cooker, televisions, tablets, underwear, contact lenses, cleaning products, toilet roll, the kettle and handbags. The only items they didn’t take where the washing machine, bed, sofa and two cushions.

An iPad containing pictures of her three grandchildren, who all died in the last five years from the rare genetic condition Leigh syndrome, was also taken.

Since the burglary people have responded to a social media campaign started by her daughter-in-law and have donated items such as curtains, pots, pans and a microwave.

Julie, who moved back to Ilkeston to work with her brother at Chapman’s bakery on Bath Street, added: “I’m so grateful for the things people have donated. I was left with a suitcase full of dirty washing and the clothes I was standing in. They even took the nightdress that was in my bed.

“It’s a horrible feeling. I’m constantly worrying about every little noise and can’t sleep. I don’t know what to do.”

A spokesman for Derbyshire Police said: “It is unusual for that many items to be stolen in a burglary. We are continuing with our inquiries and would appeal for witnesses who may have seen any suspicious activity between 6.40am on Tuesday, September 8 and 3pm on Thursday, September 24 to contact us on 1010 quoting crime reference number 4105815.”