Women urged to fill in cancer survey

Littlewick Medical Centre
Littlewick Medical Centre

Patients of an Ilkeston doctors’ surgery are being urged to fill in and return a potentially life saving questionnaire.

Littlewick Medical Centre are taking part in a study led by Nottingham University to survey women aged between 30 and 60-years-old to assess their risk of breast cancer.

Patients will be asked to fill in the survey which features questions about their family history.

Completed forms will then be reviewed by the specialist team at Nottingham University.

All women who have returned a questionnaire will be contacted and told if they are at low or high risk of developing breast cancer.

Those deemed at high risk will be referred by Littlewick Medical Centre for potentially life saving treatments including detailed screening and then possible medication to help prevent breast cancer developing.

Dr Kath Bagshaw, from the Nottingham Road surgery, said: “We are proud to be working with the university on this important study – the potential to save lives through early screening and to increase awareness of this is key.

“We would urge all women who receive this questionnaire over the next few weeks to complete and return so they can take advantage of this opportunity.”