Wonderful idea to mark achievement

What a wonderful idea to honour Team GB Cycling Manager Dave Brailsford with the offer the Freedom of the Borough.

Let us also remember that to bring about the stunning success of his athletes, Mr Brailsford assembled a supremely brilliant and professional team of support staff.

This is also to his great credit.

Cycling is a dream sport for scientists: everything can be monitored and measured and subjected to incremental improvements.

Materials technologists develop lightweight and incredibly strong materials from which to build the bikes; aerodynamicists analyse and improve the drag profiles of bike and athlete alike.

Physiologists and dieticians monitor and improve the performance capability of the athletes and the coaches enhance fitness and tactics.

A percentage point here, another tenth there, and fairly soon one has what the French term “an unfair advantage!”

All in all a tremendous team effort of which all can be thoroughly proud.

Yours faithfully

John Hay-Heddle