Woody was hand-reared after he fell out of a nest

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After the Tiser told you about the pigeon attacking people in Ilkeston, it has emerged that the bird was in fact attempting to be ‘friendly’.

Lynne Ball, from Ilkeston, has come forward with a possible identity for the pigeon and is certain the bird was not attacking anyone.

Lynne, along with friends Maria Beeston and Kerry Pask, claim to have rescued the pigeon, named Woody, when it fell out of a nest and hand-reared the bird themselves.

The group released Woody again just two weeks ago on Northfield Avenue, Ilkeston, close to the site of the ‘dive-bombing’ attack on Pentridge Drive.

Lynne is almost certain the pigeon was actually Woody, who likes to fly around people’s heads.

She said: “Woody was so tame, I’ve never seen anything like it.

“He would always swoop down and land in our hair.

“I think he was probably trying to find us.”

Lynne contacted the Advertiser after she saw the article two weeks ago, in which two women describe a bothersome pigeon that targeted them in a swooping attack, in the Shipley View area.

She said: “When it described the bird as dive-bombing their heads, I thought, that’s not just a rogue pigeon - that’s Woody!

“It was a heartwrenching thing to have to let him go again, but it’s where he belongs.”

Maria and Kerry are appealing for anyone who has see Woody to get in touch via the Advertiser.

Maria said: “It would be nice to know he is still ok and enjoying his freedom.”