Woolworths action due this week

A NOTICE has been slapped on the door of the old Woolworths store ordering its owners to sort it out.

Over the past few weeks the Advertiser has received complaints about the state of the former flag ship store from retailers, councillors and shoppers.

On March 16 Erewash Borough Council issued the notice ordering the owner or occupier to ‘cleanse the premises’ within 14 days.

The order, made under section 83 of the Public Health Act, goes on to say: “The council gives you notice that it is satisfied that the above premises are such a filthy and unwholesome condition as to be predujicial to health and verminous.”

Signed by the council’s head of environment and community safety, Nick Thurston, the notice also says that if efforts aren’t made to clean up the premises the owner will be forced to pay any costs incurred by the council and court action could be taken.

A number of readers contacted the paper in recent weeks about dead pigeons in the sotre’s window.

The building has stood empty empty since January 2009.

David Stacey, of neighbouring bakery, Stacey’s, said: “It’s disgusting. I’d rather not have my shop anywhere near it.

“Ever since it closed it’s got worse.

“There have been homeless people living in there with their dogs, delivery drivers still hear birds trapped in there and last winter during the cold weather the pipes froze then burst when they thawed out damaging a wall in my shop.

“I couldn’t get hold of an owner or anyone responsible and ended up out of pocket having to sort out the damage and resulting damp myself.”

Prestige Estate Agents are acting as a contact for the owner.

The Advertiser called their office this week a staff member said: “This is a matter of urgency as far as the owner is concerned.

“They are aware of the notice and will be taking action hopefully before the end of this week.

“One of the roller shutters is jammed which means at the moment it is physically impossible for anyone to get into the building.

“Once this issue is resolved other steps will be taken.”