Would station be worth it?


First of all let me say that I am in favour of a railway station, but £5m seems to be an awful amount of money for what we would get.

Whatever the type and site of the station, it can only be served by passing trains and their destinations.

The current passenger trains using the Erewash Valley are the hourly service to and from Nottingham to Leeds, these trains currently call at Langley Mill.

The other service is the Norwich to Liverpool trains via Nottingham and Manchester.

These trains do not call at Langley Mill.

So it would seem like the only trains that would likely to call at Ilkeston would be the hourly Northern Train service between Nottingham and Leeds and return.

Anyone wanting to travel to Derby could only do so by using this service to either Nottingham or Chesterfield, and changing trains.

In the light of this £5m of our money does not seem very good value, and if it does go ahead is Ilkeston Junction the best place for a station, or is the former Trowell Station not a better location.

In the days of the former stations the Erewash Valley was used by many more passenger trains, going to many different destinations.

It did not make a profit then due to lack of use, so with this huge reduction of services, how can it make a difference to Ilkeston, both in terms of more visitors or as a financial generator .

It does not seem to me to be a better alternative to the buses currently serving Ilkeston, or for the people using their cars.

£5m spent on the town centre with free parking might make better sense to me.

David Thompson

Charnwood Avenue