Would you live on rudely named road?

Spanker Lane
Spanker Lane

Spanker Avenue and Fanny Lane are street names unlikely to put off a potential home buyer according to research carried out by an Ilkeston business.

Clarke Residential, based in Ilkeston, found that properties on Derby’s rudely named streets would be unlikely to be avoided by home movers because of where they are despite a recent national report claiming houses could be worth up to £84,000 less if they are on an unfortunately named street.

Daniel Clarke, director of the letting agent, said: “After being in the property business for so long, we at Clarke Residential know that properties carry their own value and speak for themselves, and are not hindered by any funny or rudely-named streets nearby.”

He offered advice to anyone selling their property on such a road. He said: “We would encourage vendors selling properties on rudely named streets to pay more attention to the internal and external areas of the property to attract the right buyer.

“We would also encourage a professional agent to accompany prospective buyers around the property who have expert knowledge of the surrounding areas and local amenities.”

Streets in Derby the firm looked into were: Fanny Avenue, Spanker Lane, Prathall Lane, Cock Shut Lane, Knockerdown, Flash, Cockbridge, Cockpit Hill, Traffic Street and Lara Croft Way.

Is the research right? Would you live on a rudely named road? Would you expect to pay less for a home on a unfortunately named street?

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