You have your say on McDonalds plan

Architect's 3D designs of what the McDonalds drive-through development could look like.
Architect's 3D designs of what the McDonalds drive-through development could look like.

Last week we exclusively revealed plans to build a new gateway development to Ilkeston, including a McDonalds drive-through.

Now the architects behind the plan by Nottingham-based BSP Holdings have let us see these 3D designs showing what the site, which could provide more than 150 jobs, could look like.

All week, Ilkeston folk have been letting us know their views on the plan, which includes business units housing anything from a new gym to an amusement centre to a car showroom.

Some readers are concerned about the effect on Bath Street and the health of townsfolk.

Jason Green (@veganjase) on Twitter said: “Tesco, McDonald’s, KFC all together with free parking is a disaster for Bath Street!”

And on our website, ‘Itmustbbadformetocomment’ said: “Hmm, childhood and adult obesity on the rise, no homes etc, I know lets put ANOTHER fast food place in Ilkeston YAY! What on earth are these people thinking?”

McDonald’s said the restaurant is set to provide 65 jobs and the developers hope for a further 100 in the rest of the building.

But some were pleased with the prospect of employment, such as Wendy Dundas on Facebook: “Exciting if it brings some jobs.”

‘Mightmason84’ said on the website: “A business will bring in money and jobs to the town.”

McDonald’s said they have no plans to close the branch in the Albion Centre but that its future depends on it ‘continuing to trade successfully’.

And ‘@LookItsJonno’ said on twitter: “To those saying a McDonalds will kill Bath Street, the council has already done that charging for car parking #cashcow.”

BSP Holdings submitted the plan to Erewash Borough Council two weeks ago. If given permission it will be built on the former Ilkeston Contractors site, a derelict piece of land next to Ilkeston’s other drive-through, KFC.