Youngster runs race for eczema charity

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An eight-year-old boy who suffers from severe eczema is raising money for a charity that supports people affected by the condition.

Daniel Burton, who lives on Hallam Way. West Hallam, and is a pupil at Scargill Primary School, took part in a 3km fun run on Sunday at Pride Park, and has raised £169 so far for The National Eczema Society.

Mum, Anna Davidson, said: “He is really proud of himself, he had never been in a football stadium before It was a lovely atmosphere and Rammy gave him a high five at the finish line.

“He was so proud of himself and thanked me for my support, he said he’d had the best day and is really pleased and excited by the amount of money he has raised to date, he is looking forward to telling his consultant this week. He took his medal to bed with him he was so happy with it.”

Daniel and his six-year-old sister Abigail have suffered from eczema all of their lives. The cancer treatment is being used to suppress his immune system to try and calm the eczema down but leaves him at risk of infection and illness. Anna said his quality of life was so low they were left with little alternative than to try the massively impacting drug.

She added: “I am very proud of Daniel, he was determined he was going to do it.”