Your mining memories to become pieces of art

NILA 21-07-12 BE 11 Erewash museum launch of arts project. Poetry with dave Wood.
NILA 21-07-12 BE 11 Erewash museum launch of arts project. Poetry with dave Wood.

This weekend saw the start of an exciting arts-based project aimed at exploring Ilkeston’s coal mining past and based on townsfolk’s memories.

Thanks to £100,000 of Arts Council funging, three artists are currently working away at the King George Gallery and at Erewash Museum, where the two-year project was launched on Saturday.

They are working on very different projects which they hope will bring to life the memories that Ilkestonans have shared with them in the months leading up to the launch.

Teacher at Ormiston Ilkeston Academy Kate Le Prevost, is managing the project, which has been named Excite Inspire Engage Erewash.

‘’I have had really positive responses from members of the community from across the borough who are really excited by this opportunity of showcasing our talents by looking at heritage,” she explained.

“This will be a unique project and I hope that the end pieces will blow everyone away.”

The three artists made a start on their projects at the museum on Saturday.

Stapleford-based artist Dave Wood is creating a video piece which will form a kind of soap opera about people’s experiences during Ilkeston’s coal mining past.

He is also producing a sculpture made using pieces of coal and called The Coal Face and an interactive game named Mine-opoly.

Photographer Paula Moss is scouring the area for photographe that illustrate Ilkeston’s coal mining past.

And Ilkeston artist Tim Bennett is embarking on a ‘top secret’ project – for which more details will be revealed later.

Kate added: “I am stunned by the artists’ work.

“And I’ve been really pleased by the comments from visitors we’ve received.”

For more details about the project, backed by Erewash Partnership, visit