Your say on scrap metal vans

WE have been inundated with comments from the ‘Tiser community this week complaining about scrap metal vans scouring our area.

Earlier this week we revealed on our website how the police and Erewash Borough Council had joined forces to appeal for reports of scrap metal vehicles operating in Kirk Hallam.

People have reported seeing numerous vehicles breaching noise regulations by using a loud speaker to advertise the collections, which they are not allowed to do.

Genuine collectors should be licensed but are still banned from using loadspeakers.

And following that story, we have had numerous concerned readers contact us about similar problems in other towns.

Via our twitter account @IlkestonTiser, Lisa Marie Bostock (@sxlisamariexs) said: “We keep getting one come up our street. Will get registration next time!”

And Sabri Tasci (@sabz911) said: “They do the same in Sandiacre as well on a Sunday. They have some sort of foghorn attached to the van.”

And on our website Loopy Lou said: “This could be the same vehicle that goes around (the) Long Eaton area. Will look out for their number.”

SA Smith added: “I think its the same vehicle as the one that goes around Eastwood too, will be on the look out.”

However, not all the feedback was bad with Steven Griffiths (@jappedpixel) saying on twitter: “They took my old beds away. I’m grateful.”

Anyone who does see metal collectors in their area can call Erewash Borough Council on 0115 9072244 or speak to local police teams on 101 if they are concerned.

Callers will need to supply a registration number and other details about the sighting.

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