Coincidences are spooky


I read with interest the article about the Aram family and the series of coincidences around the number 11. I fear that not even they realise how deep this affair cuts.

Not only were Brian and Paul both born on the 11th day of the 11th month but Brian was born on the Eleventh November Nineteen Forty Five. 33 letters – three times eleven. Paul was born on November 11th 1978. 11 plus 11 is 22, 19 plus 78 is 97, plus 22 is 119 and one plus one plus 9 guessed it, 11. Spooky, eh?

When I read this story I looked at my watch and it was 13.51. No coincidence there you may think as one plus three plus five plus one does not add to 11, but wait – nine minutes to two, nine plus two is – yes, 11. I told my wife about it at exactly 19.48 today. One plus nine plus four plus eight is 22, two elevens, and there were two of us present.

To compound things she was born on an April Friday – yet again, eleven letters. I’m 48 and she is 42, add that together and you get 90 and there are two of us, nine plus zero plus two....

‘Ilkeston’ has 22 letters, and if you couple the word ‘Journalists’ you get 33.

Sceptics may mock but even the word ‘coincidence’ has eleven letters, as do phrases including ‘imagination’ and ‘slow news day’.

Russell Saxton