Concerns over composting


I am concerned about the dangers to the health of the people of Babbington, Cossall, Kimberley and the surrounding area if plans for Open Windrow Composting, an industrial form of green waste recycling, at Westby Lane, Babbington, are approved.

There have been a number of studies of this particular form of industrial scale composting and the overwhelming evidence suggests that it creates a real danger to public health both in the vicinity of the operation and the wider area.

The composting procedure produces airborne bioaerosols, known as aspergillus fumigates, which create more infections than any other mould, cause serious respiratory damage and are particularly dangerous to asthma and cystic fibrosis sufferers and have been known to be fatal.

This danger is not only relevant to the local resident population but also to the many people, walkers, families with children, horse riders and dog walkers, who regularly frequent and enjoy this area as part of their recreation.

The Open Windrow Composting proposal suggests that at a distance of 250m the air is safe from infection. However, studies reveal that there is clear evidence of detrimental health changes to residents living up to 500m from the green waste site. Moreover, government agencies concur that even 500 metres is an inadequate distance.

With such a high risk to public health in the Babbington, Cossall, Kimberley and surrounding area there is an urgent need for a formal enquiry and a more in-depth study to consider the detrimental effect on the local population and the local environment.

Action is needed now to ensure that this damaging proposal does not go ahead. To assist in resisting Open Windrow Composting please contact me, Cllr Charles Shaw, at Kimberley Town Council, 0115 938 2733.

Cllr Charles Shaw

Kimberley Town Council