LETTER: Join stance against hunting on trust land

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If you visit a National Trust ‘mansion’ you will probably see paintings of red-coated horsemen encouraging hounds in pursuit of a fox or deer. The hunting and killing of animals still goes on in some areas despite being illegal.

The National Trust issues licences to fox, stag and hare hunts. 
Last year, the trust issued 79 licences that enabled hunts to engage in trail hunting. Trail hunting is an activity which the hunts claim is hunting by following a pre-laid trail. It is not intended to involve the chasing and killing of live animals, but all too often it does.

The National Trust for many years could justifiably claim to be custodians of Britain’s past glories, but to continue to allow hunting on its land is retrogressive and highly regrettable. Hunting is not glorious. It is cruel. It is a piece of history that belongs in the past.

Does the National Trust really intend to allow this? As Victor Meldrew would say, “I don’t believe it”. Neither do I. And neither will thousands of trust members.

So to your readers who are National Trust members and are eligible to vote, if they agree with me that hunting belongs in the past, they can vote on a motion submitted by more than 50 National Trust members and supported by the League Against Cruel Sports, which if passed, will ban trail hunting on National Trust land. 
More information can be found here: www.league.org.uk, online and postal votes must both be received by the National Trust by 23:59 on Friday, October 13 2017.

Bill Oddie

League Against Cruel Sports