LETTER: Meeting shows politics can change

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I was pleased to attend the Erewash Constituency Labour Party recently and to participate in the nomination, discussion and ballot regarding the Labour leadership challenge by Owen Smith.

I was not happy that there were two external speakers as ‘experts’ about the candidates and not happy that the members were not informed as to how these speakers were selected. 

I voiced my opinion at the beginning of the night, forfeiting my allowed question, as I felt the Labour voters attending their own meeting as Erewash members would have their own opinions they would wish to express and that they were perfectly capable of doing so.

Luckily the chairman, Catherine Atkinson, allowed people who were actually from Erewash to speak, ask questions and put their point of view across. 

I felt that the night was for the members which is the new politics that Jeremy Corbyn represents rather than an exercise designed to glorify individuals for their own career purposes. 

There were many people attending of all ages and walks of life. I feel this was more than likely an accurate sample of the whole Constituency Labour Party membership.

My Constituency Labour Party voted to nominate Jeremy Corbyn as the next Labour leader in a 60 per cent majority in a fair, non-bullying and democratic way.

The only thing that was a little upsetting was that there were some members who had recently joined the party and were now not allowed to vote.

Even this issue was politely addressed and the members voted to continue with the nomination.

I am pleased that the new style of politics that Jeremy Corbyn is promoting is gradually filtering down to local Labour constituencies and long standing Labour Party members. I hope it is allowed to develop and thrive because this example will change the face for British politics for the better.

Paul C. Brett

Duke Street, Ilkeston