Our industry needs support


Though retired, and thus not personally affected, I was dismayed to read of the decision not to award the contract for carriages to Bombardier, with the potential numerous redundancies.

Call me a cynic, by I am given to wondering if any member(s) of Parliament stand to gain personally by giving the work to Siemens.

Having said this, it would be interesting to know how many of those facing a loss of their jobs drive German cars, shop at a German-owned supermarket or obtain their electricity via a German-owned supplier. Such persons can hardly blame the Government for doing the same!

Our manufacturing industries can only be revived and survived if we, as consumers, are prepared to but British whenever possible.

Maybe the transport trade unions could bring pressure to bear on Government by getting their members to refuse to operate any vehicles not manufactured in this country.

Let us hope that this situation will be revived in favour of Bombardier before the contract is finally signed.

William Flinders