Reader letter: Why are newts a problem?

Artist's impression of Ilkeston train station.
Artist's impression of Ilkeston train station.

This is an email to the MP Jessica Lee sent by myself on November 2.

I think this is an important issue for Ilkeston and its constituents and I eagerly await her response, which I am happy to share with you and your readers:

Dear Jessica. First of all we have problems with newts, why is it a problem?

I was always led to understand that if the natural habitat was disturbed the wildlife moved on of its own accord.

Under the Freedom of Information Act, please tell me how many newts were captured and what was the cost?

Now we have the Environment Agency involved, is this the same agency that, in my view, caused thousands of homes to be flooded last year because they didn’t do their job properly?

Large numbers of homes have been allowed to be built on the flood plain, causing more problems.

I am a previous owner of all the land involved in the station car park scheme and to my knowledge it has not flooded in the past 50 years as opposed to occasional flooding of the lower lying land the other side of the tracks at Ilkeston Junction.

Any drainage put in would make the land better than it has ever been.

-Colin Greaves

Fullwood Street,