Recycling bin reform needed


I recently received over 100 response forms from residents stating how dissatisfied they are with the present recycling system in Erewash, particularly in relation to the fact that when residents are provided with a brown bin, despite not having garden waste, they are allowed to use the brown bin in winter for their recycling, yet, the rest of the year, a blue bin has to be purchased for that very same collection.

Clearly the officers do their best with the resources they are given, but it does not allow for homes which have no or very little garden waste.

The council state that they have covered this issue in their offer for citizens to buy their blue bin, while missing the point – there are already too many redundant brown bins out there for nearly half the year. Perhaps they could run a ‘blue bin can be provided in exchange for a brown bin amnesty’ for those citizens most affected?

I know that the officers are confined to policies dictated to them from the controlling political group, in this case, the Conservatives, who have deemed that the majority of householders must purchase that blue bin, leaving us with redundant brown bins, many disgruntled residents throughout the borough and a green bag invasion that has blighted our streets for many a long year now.

Perhaps it is time that the system was fully reviewed in consultation with tax payers who have no choice but to squeeze their brown bin into their back garden and wish it was blue? Square Peg Syndrome?

Michelle Booth

Councillor for Sandiacre North and Kirk Hallam