Remembrance row must end


Despite the protestations of Councillor Moloney, I remain determined that unless the RBL state they prefer a time of 11am on Remembrance Sunday, the traditional time of 3pm will be kept.

They voted overwhelmingly to keep the present time at their meeting which we both attended on July 14. We are not talking about Armistice Day, November 11, when the services are always held at 11am at Ilkeston and elsewhere.

On Remembrance Sundays, I attend a service at 6.30pm at Sandiacre Church as well as Ilkeston Cenotaph at 3pm and Long Eaton at 11am. I am not alone in this and I know that many people attend different services at different times on Remembrance Sunday.

Much of the reason that the afternoon has been preferred in Ilkeston since the 1920s is to prevent the conflict of clashing service times, which means that important members of the parades such as the marshalls, standard bearers, clergy, bands, uniformed organisations, civic representatives, members of the public, have to decide which to attend and which not to – a problem certain to reduce attendances somewhere, even if overall the total is not affected.

Incidentally, I look forward to seeing some Labour councillors turn up for the Parade at Long Eaton this year. For the 15 years I have paraded since I returned to Erewash, I have marched with Bill Camm, and Rodney Allen from the Lib Dems as well as several Conservatives but apart from Brenda White when she was well enough, sadly Labour never made an appearance. I hope that things will change now we have a new generation of councillors.

In 2012, Armistice Day falls on a Sunday. This will be our opportunity to see what happens when Ilkeston, Long Eaton, and I suspect a number of villages hold services at 11am. I have spoken to the deputy mayor, Councillor Mrs Hulls, who has confirmed she will be proud to attend the 11am service at Ilkeston.

Motions to council cost the taxpayer a lot of money, which could be more usefully used keeping someone in a job, or helping the regeneration of our shopping centres, so I hope there will not be yet another motion coming to council until we have seen what impact there is when Armistice Day falls on a Sunday in 2012.

Cllr Chris Corbett

Leader of Erewash Borough Council