Spruce up the town cemetery


On a recent visit to Park Cemetery, Ilkeston, I was disgusted to find that the two flowerbeds on the entrance to the cemetery are now just grassed over and flowerbeds no longer exist.

On entering the cemetery, flowers would give a more visual affect and a more pleasant feature than looking at two plain areas.

Surely we have not come to the point now that where the council cannot afford to look after these areas with flowers or indeed get any sponsorship for these flowerbeds.

Park Cemetery looks more run down now due to the fact that the fence has never been repaired on the entrance to the cemetery.

I feel that the council could do more to maintain the cemetery and not just get rid of these flowerbeds.

May I suggest that the council pay a visit to the A610 island at Giltbrook to see what has been done there by using wild flowers. Surely we are not asking too much that the council cannot have a change of view towards their outlook regarding flowerbeds.

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