Youth caused trouble on bike

Police seized a motorbike from a youth who was riding it illegally and causing a nuisance in Cotmanhay.

The bike was seized after police found the 18-year-old rider had no insurance, no tax and was driving it in a way that caused a nuisance.

Pc Andy Kendall-Edwards said: “The problem with bikes causing a nuisance in the area has been raised by residents as a priority problem for our team to try and resolve.

“Anyone who owns one of these machines must know how and when to ride safely and legally, and use them responsibly.

“We hope the action we have taken shows the community that we take their concerns seriously and also sends a strong message out that causing nuisance behaviour with a bike will not be tolerated.”

Police officers and PCSOs can issue a Section 59 warning to riders and drivers for anti-social behaviour, and have the power under Section 165 to seize bikes from anyone caught using them illegally.

To ride quad bikes, mini motos or other off road motorcycles, riders must be over 16 and have a valid driving licence.

They must also be insured and the vehicle must have a valid MOT certificate.

Bikes can be used on private land without a licence, insurance or an MOT certificate with permission from the land owner.